Zirconia Ceramics

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Zirconia materials are among the strongest ceramic materials STC offers. Each stabilized zirconia provides unique and specific properties that meet the demands of extreme applications found in many industries. Offering very high strength, high toughness, wear/abrasion resistance, as well as corrosion resistance, they perform in operating environments that plastics, metals and other ceramic materials cannot withstand. Typical applications include structural components, bushings, pistons, sleeves, rollers, guides, insulators, and more.

  • Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia (MSZ) – magnesia stabilized; for high-temperature applications; it is not vulnerable to phase transformations at elevated temperatures; heterogeneous microstructure to protect against grain boundary sliding; transformation toughened; high fracture toughness
  • Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YTZP) – yttria stabilized; fine-grained microstructure predominantly tetragonal phase; extremely high strength and toughness; use temperatures below 500°C; transformation toughened to resist crack propagation; superior chemical resistance; excellent wear resistance
  • Ceria Stabilized Zirconia (CSZ) – ceria stabilized high temperature, as well as high or low pH environments; transformation toughened; maintains strength in steam and pressure conditions; ceria fills crystal structure vacancies to prevent low temperature degradation
  • Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) – zirconia toughened alumina; provides 20-30% greater strength than alumina at a lower cost than stabilized zirconias. Transformation toughened; Higher toughness, hardness and wear resistance than alumina