STC has complete in-house capabilities to engineer, tool and manufacture of technical ceramics to customer requirements. Superior Technical Ceramics invests in state-of-the-art equipment and in highly skilled, knowledgeable employees to produce the industry’s best components. Through the use of ISO 9001, AS9100, 5S and lean practices and policies, STC achieves the control and quality necessary to compete, cost effectively, worldwide.

Our broad selection of materials offers a distinct set of properties that lend themselves for use in diverse applications.  Contact us today  to learn more about how our engineers can help solve your engineering challenges.

  • Mechanical Wear Problems
  • Thermal Management Challenges
  • Corrosive Environments
  • Electrical Insulation Requirements
  • High Pressure Conditions
  • High Heat Environments
  • Wear Resistant

The quality of all ceramic components begins with the care and control of the raw materials from which they are made.  Our disciplined supervision of the material formulation of our ceramic solutions sets us apart from our competitors. We produce powders under strict process controls that ensure that the unique properties of the final components are wholly realized. This detailed approach is implemented throughout all of our operations, including the forming, green machining, sintering and post fired grinding, coating and assembling of our component solutions.

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