High Temperature Open Cell Porous

Nov. 30, 2012

STC has broadened its custom ceramic capabilities with our new High Temperature Open Cell Porous Ceramics (HTOCPC). Our HTOCPC solutions offer engineers a broad range of potential applications including molten metal, gaseous and fluid filtration to semiconductor fabrication and advanced battery construction.

The new product line is designed to produce specialty ceramic components with open porosity tailored to generate pore sizes from 0.05 to 150+ microns. These porous materials are made to work in a variety of conditions. Their room temperature flexural strength can range from 4000 to 20,000 psi, they are designed for both acid and base resistance, and end users can expect stable performance without pore-opening or ruin at temperatures up to 2750°F / 1500°C.

STC uses all relevant forming technologies to manufacture a variety of custom shapes, from discs and plates to rods and tubes. The porous bodies can be green machined prior to sintering or hard machined post firing to meet customers’ exact tolerance requirements.

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